Mind Chatter and Energy Loss

The mind and overthinking

As you know, the mind is constantly thinking thoughts of all kinds, often not very happy ones. Most of us are always worried about something, always thinking about some kind of problem that needs solving, even when there’s nothing to worry about!

The mind is a master at creating problems out of thin air. Are you having a great day, seemingly care free? Before long the mind will fetch something to agonize over.

Hey, that’s to be expected from an apparatus that’s meant to die at some point in time.

Remember, the body is mortal and it knows this. It is afraid of death, therefore it constantly comes up with worst case scenarios (sometimes very unlikely ones) that may threat its survival one way or another.

Overthinking and vibrational frequency

All this constant, out-of-control thinking (also known as mind chatter) lowers our vibrational frequency and leads to a great loss of energy.

On top of that, the physical body naturally tends toward lower frequencies for the simple fact that it takes less energy to vibrate on a lower frequency and stay at that level.

Vibrations are lower in a state of waking sleep.

The deeper into waking sleep you are, the lower your vibrational frequency. In turn, that attracts thoughts, feelings, and life experiences on that same low frequency.

Victims of mind chatter

I don’t like to use the word victim, yet I think it’s spot on when it comes to mind chatter.

Mind chatter is so subtle we don’t even realize we have no control over it. We think we are thinking. In reality we are passive spectators of whatever our mind decides to play in our head at any given moment.

Not quite convinced yet? Then let me ask you this… Did you chose those negative thoughts you have? Did you chose to think yourself down or make yourself miserable through negative mind chatter?

My guess is you did not.

These negative thoughts come to us from the recesses of our minds, and we simply live with them (or rather survive through them), day in and day out.

Mind chatter leads to three main consequences:

  1. We find it incredibly hard to be in a state of presence
  2. We experience negative emotions on a regular basis
  3. We lose precious time and energy

How to deal with mind chatter

During the day, any time you remember to, simply check in with yourself and see what you are thinking about and why.

All you have to do is ask yourself a simple question: “was I in control of what I was thinking?”

Sometimes that’s enough to stop mind chatter in its tracks and redirect the mind.

Sometimes it’s not, and we need to engage in some activity that will soothe the racing mind (to this purpose, sign up for my FREE ebook 5 Techniques to Still the Mind).

However, nothing beats being present in the here and now. That is by far the best way to exert control over mind chatter.

But my mind chatter is positive sometimes!

Whether mind chatter is positive or negative is beside the point.

The mere fact that you are not in control of your thoughts and you are constantly having some sort of mental diarrhea means you are lost in waking sleep.

And that causes you to lose precious energy.

Sometimes identifying with an issue or a thought can be overwhelming, and the emotions connected with it can be incredibly painful and last a long time.

That is why it’s important to do your presence exercises on a daily basis, in preparation for those inevitable tough times.

If you have practiced being in the moment time and time again, you will be able to come back and hold onto your unshakable center when the going gets rough (that is, when a loved one passes on, when our partner leaves us for someone else, when we lose our job or get into an accident, etc.).

Distractions and why they’re a short term solution

Many of us search for distractions (often destructive ones, like drinking or using and abusing other drugs) in order to escape painful thoughts and feelings.

However, distraction is only a temporary solution. Once the party is over, the mind will come back at you with  a vengeance.

Disciplining yourself to stay with those emotions and feelings by observing them non-judgmentally can be difficult, but it’s (in my opinion) the best and safest way to go about it.

Remember, with presence and observation comes transmutation.

If you can be present while the psychophysical apparatus is experiencing physical, emotional, or mental pain, that means you have already created a witness.

And thanks to the witness’s constant observation, you will slowly but surely be able to shift your consciousness from the physical level to a soul level. That is, instead of experiencing with the mind, you’ll experience with the Heart.

You get to choose

In this plane of existence, pain is inevitable.

However, it’s up to you whether you’re going to use the pain to your advantage (inner growth), or if you are going to suffer passively (victim mentality).

How we lose energy


  • Eating too much or too little; eating unhealthy food on  a regular basis; using drugs, drinking alcohol, and consuming lots of refined sugars
  • Unnecessary muscle tension
  • Unnecessary movements


  • Experiencing negative emotions


  • Mind Chatter and being pushed around by the thoughts in your head

How do I avoid losing/wasting energy?

Once again, the answer lies in observing and being present.

In fact, by observing the re-actions, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors of the psychophysical apparatus, you’ll familiarize yourself with the ways in which you tend to lose/waste energy.

Once you know how lose/waste energy, you will also know how to avoid doing so.

For example, when I catch myself talking myself down, I know I am wasting energy. I can literally feel it slip away. When I am pissed off and will go on and on about a subject instead of letting it go, I feel my energy evaporate from every pore in my body. When I observe my body at random times during the day, I realize I am contracting muscles that should instead be at rest (e.g., contracting my calves when I am comfortably sitting down, typing this blog post). After a hefty meal or a sugar load, I feel drained, etc.

Energy loss and perception of the world

Downward Spiral/Upward Spiral

Remember, the more energy you waste, the less energy you have, the uglier the world will appear to you.

Yes, energy and vibrational frequency strongly impact the way we perceive the world around us. The lower your vibration, the lesser the energy, the deeper into the illusion you will be/the thicker the veil. Downward spiral.

Instead, when you are vibrating high, you will perceive the world accordingly. The veil will thin, and you’ll be able to perceive the beauty and perfection in everything around you. Upward spiral.

Exercises for staying present
Week 10

  1. Relax your body muscles at least once every hour, particularly your facial muscles. Become aware once every hour of your muscles and how many you are contracting that don’t need to be contracted.
  2. Pick a body posture or a gesture you do often, and choose willingly to avoid that posture or that gesture. For example, if you have a habit of running your fingers through your hair several times a day, try not to do it for the next seven days.

The Lone Wolf


3 Replies to “Mind Chatter and Energy Loss”

  1. Excellent post! You are absolutely right that staying in a high vibrational state requires constant awareness and self-monitoring. I’m usually really good about doing meditations or journaling or reading spiritual teachings, but this week I’ve gotten busy and really let things slide and along with it, my vibration. I’ve found myself filled with negativity and resentment way more than usual and I’m feeling more tension in my back and shoulders. Thanks for helping me get back on track!

    1. Thank You, Kate, for stopping by and leaving this beautiful comment! Yes, I know exactly where you are coming from. It can be somewhat of a vicious cycle, because if you are vibing low, then it’s harder to be (and remember to be) in the now, and if you are not in the now, then you vibe low. That is why when we feel vibrant and full of energy is the time to be as present as possible. If we become used to snapping out of waking sleep at will, it will be easier also during times when it would normally be harder to do so.

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